What is the the Thrive Programme

Many factors, experiences, create the formation of what we become as individuals – the common thread amongst us all that binds us together – is the ability to think.

Our Mindspeak =  thoughts = feelings = beliefs – develop into  ‘states’ of being. These factors combined have a powerful influence on the way we live our lives.

Babies are ‘driven’ to crawl and to eventually walk, bit by bit in spite of how many falls – they learn by perseverance to reach their goal.

Unrecognised, unhelpful patterns of thinking can sometimes be run as our ‘normal’ thoughts, they do not produce the results we desire – but we continue to use them, re-inforcing our distorted thoughts into unhelpful beliefs – becoming our realities of what we believe we can or cannot achieve. Thus, as we think, so we become.
Along the way distorted thoughts create our inner worlds. Some individuals stay stuck in their states of mind, which always link to feelings, in these cases – unwanted, unhelpful, uncomfortable feelings.  But like the babies they once were they can continue to change, develop and grow into states that are more resourceful and helpful in living in an inner world that is calmer, happier and more in control.

Some people need a little more help and understanding about the way they think and feel. Everyone needs a little help sometimes, to create coping strategies, clearer thinking, move their awareness onto a better setting.

A useful way to gain insight and move on from unhelpful thinking is The Thrive Workbook. Created by Rob Kelly to allow people to gain permanent  re-enforcing and helpful thinking in order for them to live the lives they really want. Though using simple everyday language and techniques, the results have a lasting , profound and positive affect. Working with your Thrive Consultant in around six to eight sessions. To learn more about this life-changing work, you can read the reviews available on Amazon.

Treatment Fee:

The Thrive Programme course fee is £895. This includes the Initial Consultation, Work Book and between 6 – 8 weekly sessions of 90 minutes. Plus a follow up review session post course. You can purchase the Thrive Programme course by clicking the Pay Pal button below.

I do offer a free Initial Consultation of approximately 45 mins. Where we can discuss your issues and concerns, in a confidential setting, to find the best way forward that we can, to resolve your problem. This Consultation is free to you – and is worth £50.

Evening appointments may be available by agreement. No client is ever refused therapy or coaching for financial reasons. I have a flexible payment system suitable for everyone. There is a limited availability of session time. Each such case is reviewed and decided individually.

Skype sessions can be arranged. Click here to find out more