What is NLP?

“Neuro” refers to the mind, “Linguistic” to language and “programming”  to how the mind and the way that we phrase things, programmes our behaviour and body.

NLP is the study of human excellence, the structure of how human beings think and experience the world. It’s a body of knowledge and a way of looking at things, an attitude, based on what people actually think and how they behave – rather than theories about why they do what they do.

People construct their realities via their belief systems, these are shaped according to the way they process their experiences in life – positively or negatively. So that the same events literally mean different things to different people.

NLP offers  fresh insights and new approaches – a way of understanding and believing that is integrated into thoughts and actions – freeing up an individual’s progress in life, through a better knowledge of how to discard unwanted habits and behaviours.

Session Fee:

1 Session = £70 

All fees payable by cash or cheque at the end of each session. A special fee for block booking is available on request for Thrive and CPI.  Smoking cessation is payable by cash only. Evening appointments may be available by agreement. No client is ever refused therapy or coaching for financial reasons. I have a flexible payment system suitable for everyone. There is a limited availability of session time. Each such case is reviewed and decided individually.

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