A fear of being sick or seeing someone else being sick

This is fast becoming one of the most common phobia’s Patricia is consulted to help with. It is usually a fear of being sick, but also includes seeing someone else being sick.

Being sick, or seeing someone being sick of course isn’t very nice, but when it turns into a massive fear can be really debilitating for those experiencing it.

People with this condition find themselves worrying constantly about their problem in very many ways such as:

  • Cancelling a needed hospital appointment in case they catch a virus from visiting the hospital
  • Enjoying a nice meal out, in case they have food poisoning and are ill as a result
  • Enjoying an evening out in a pub or club, in case they come across someone being sick
  • Avoiding pregnancy, so they won’t have to deal with sick from their baby
  • Avoiding watching something on TV or reading something that might remind them of their fear
  • Worrying they may go somewhere where they may smell vomit or something that reminds them of vomit
  • Panic at hearing the first reports of the Norovirus

Did You Know….

  • Most people with the condition believe it to be incurable, mainly because of comments read on support forums, this isn’t true
  • It would seem this is a phobia that affects mainly women, it is estimated 98% of sufferers are female
  • The average age of someone developing this phobia is 9.2 years of age
  • Suffers will also tend to suffer with other psychological problems such as social anxiety, obsessional compulsive disorder (OCD), panic disorder and health anxiety
  • Suffers have been found to have higher than normal levels of ‘disgust propensity’ and ‘disgust sensitivity’
  • Sufferers will probably have a very high level for a need for control


The GOOD NEWS Emetophobia CAN be cured in as little as six to eight sessions, watch this video

Emetophobia cured – Louise overcomes her fear of being sick with Rob Kelly’s ‘Thrive Programme’

Click here to read the Emetophobia-Research-Project conducted by Rob Kelly and Charlotte Allen.

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