Thomas – Dealing with stress

My concerns and experiences
For over twelve years I was struggling to deal with the ramifications of my parent’s maritial breakdown. I left it, refused to aknowledge there was an issue and was horrified and offended at any suggestion of therapy as if it were an indication that some thing was seriously wrong with me.

I reluctantly […]

Business Coaching

A game changer in thinking. This will iron out mental blocks you didn’t know even existed. Then nothing will be in your way to succeed whether it be in business or life.

Darren Fell
Founder and CEO Crunch

Aimee – Discovering myself

I first started seeing Patricia when I was Fourteen. I was very scared at the time as i was young and having to deal with things that I felt way out of my depth with. I found it so easy to connect with Patricia and allow her to help me as well as ‘let her […]