Patricia is a very special lady who has helped me through life’s ups and downs. I visit Patricia regularly for guidance. She always provides the support I need, and helps me to address my issues, worries and concerns in a professional way, with empathy and understanding. Helping me understand the reasoning behind my behaviour and emotions – without […]

Simon – Depression

After seeing several therapists and having taken anti-depressants and anxiety medication for years, I had all but given up hope of ever taking control of my OCD and anxiety issues. Working with Patricia and the Thrive Programme has given me the tools and knowledge for me to take back control of my life. I feel happier and more […]

Laura – Anxiety

After so many years of anxiety, I finally feel in control. I’m still working on it – but I’m sure I will be rid of it! Thanks to Patricia.

Jack – Problems sleeping

Hi Patricia, it’s Jack, we met on Wednesday re: my sleep issues.  Firstly on the sleep front it’s certainly improved and can notice the difference in my breathing when in bed, no longer shallow. I’m confident it will improve further as my body adjusts to longer and longer sleep.  The reason I write is not […]

Rebecca – Dealing with stress

My first visit to Patricia
Fifteen years ago, my aunt visited a hypnotherapist to help her cope with my uncle’s sudden death. I distinctly remember that my mother was nothing short of horrified and discussed her extreme concern with anyone who would listen. The general consensus was that this hypnotherapist would exploit my poor vulnerable aunt […]