Emetophobia (the fear of being sick)

Posted on 4th March 2015
Emetophobia, a fear of vomiting, is a relatively common but under-researched psychological disorder. This is now something I can treat – to find out more please click hereRead More

Matt Morris

Posted on 2nd March 2015
These internet videos of inspirational speakers are truly a gift of their wealth of experience and wisdom and have created ideas that have inspired a whole generation. Whenever  you might ‘hit a brick wall’ in your thoughts and need action to break down the barriers – these people and their videos are an invaluable tool to move youRead More

‘Day in the Life’

Posted on 2nd March 2015
I was recently interviewed by local Brighton Journalist, Nione Meakin, for The Argus Newspapers magazine ‘Seven Days’ in which these were producing a feature called ‘A Day in the Life’. Please Click Here to read a copy of my article and let me know what you think!Read More

Laura – Anxiety

Posted on 2nd March 2015
After so many years of anxiety, I finally feel in control. I’m still working on it – but I’m sure I will be rid of it! Thanks to Patricia.Read More

Jack – Problems sleeping

Posted on 2nd March 2015
Hi Patricia, it’s Jack, we met on Wednesday re: my sleep issues.  Firstly on the sleep front it’s certainly improved and can notice the difference in my breathing when in bed, no longer shallow. I’m confident it will improve further as my body adjusts to longer and longer sleep.  The reason I write is notRead More