You’ve learnt to play the notes, but not necessarily in the right order. What if it was possible to change that? To find your “gift” – by changing the way you think?

Everybody has a gift within them. It may be someone who wants to compose or make music.  Or create beautiful pieces of artwork or cook. Someone who wants to compete in sport, or express themselves or communicate to others their authentic selves.

Without curiosity, without learning, and without the need to gain experience – that gift will stay just as it is. An uncut diamond, never sparkling to its full potential.

We all feel afraid sometimes. Everyone wants to feel love. We all want to find that feeling of fulfilment. Sadly, some will ‘trap’ themselves in a state of fear, telling themselves their ‘anxious stories’ – excuses as to why as to why they can’t leave their comfort zones.

Taking action is the key to leaving the cage that traps them. The start of any journey is by taking the first step. The learning, the experience, fuels the curiosity and will walk alongside them, growing stronger everyday. When the student is ready for the lesson, the teacher will appear. Trust that by asking yourself “What’s my gift? If there were no obstacles, what could I see myself happily doing in the future?”

And when you find your teacher, they can turn up in the most unexpected places! Conventionally in books, online, the media, a billboard – sometimes in the form of mentors or opportunities offered, which pop up and surprise you, just when you need them! The key keeping your mind open to the endless possibilities.

Therefore, try to learn something new everyday, because no knowledge is wasted. You will find that the pieces will fall into place like a giant jigsaw of life.

In conclusion, learn to play your notes in the right order and flow with your possibilities.


A quote box with beautiful pink blossoms in the background describing how you can find your gift

Learn to play your notes in the right order and flow with your possibilities

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