Hi Patricia, it’s Jack, we met on Wednesday re: my sleep issues.  Firstly on the sleep front it’s certainly improved and can notice the difference in my breathing when in bed, no longer shallow. I’m confident it will improve further as my body adjusts to longer and longer sleep.  The reason I write is not simply to thank you for Wednesday but to tell you really what an amazing difference I feel this has made to me.  I felt completely different when i left the clinic, just so much more aware, clear, like I’d been living in the dark.

I always thought I knew myself and to some extent I know I did, my core values.  I don’t know how this has happened but it’s just a realisation that I have focussed so much on negativity recently and for so long that all of a sudden it’s just faded.  Yes there are things that I would like to be different but as you say you can’t change others you can only change or better yourself.  It’s so strange but it’s not that I just heard this, but I feel it.

I have never in my life had such a swing in feelings or outlook and although it’s amazingly positive it is slightly unnerving to think that I like so many others are just carrying on oblivious to what you can actually discover about themselves, and what an amazing feeling that is.  It really interests me and I guess it depends on how deep you want to go as to whether you continue to explore.  At the moment I’m going to sit back and enjoy the change in feelings i have but it’s likely that I’ll get in touch in the future.  As I said it was a real pleasure meeting you, I always enjoy meeting and seeing people do what they are meant to be doing and it’s clear to see how you must have helped so many people.  I’ll never forget Wednesday