Aimee – Discovering myself

Aimee – Discovering myself

I first started seeing Patricia when I was Fourteen. I was very scared at the time as i was young and having to deal with things that I felt way out of my depth with. I found it so easy to connect with Patricia and allow her to help me as well as ‘let her in’, something I had struggled with. Patricia taught me all about how I was having the thoughts I was, why i was, and how to fix them. She also taught me about the different parts of our character that make us who we are, which helped me understand even further what i was going through, as well as understanding me as a person more.

When I first came to Patricia, I was scared, had an external locus of control, was very nervous and worried highly what others thought of me. I am now seventeen and since then I have learnt how to change those things, how to let go of the unnecessary thoughts and feelings, to bin anything that isn’t doing me good and move on! I am still learning, there is so much you can learn if you choose to. Thats the great thing, you can continue to understand at a deeper level what is going on – its not ‘Here’s the answers on a single sheet of paper and thats that’.

Patricia never told me ‘what was what’ – she made it so that she was guiding me opposed to leading me. She allowed me to learn instead of being told. She asked me before she told me. In other words, she would say ‘what do we know about this?’ instead of ‘this is this’. She constantly let you learn and figure things out for yourself. I mean it when i say that after every session I have walked away feeling lifted, like fresh water has just washed through my veins. It’s an indescribable feeling of power and gratitude.

I feel happy so much now, so often. And its a new kind of happiness which i’ve never felt before, because Patricia guided me through letting go of things I never even would have imagined were there without her help, and which i had been holding onto for so long they were causing me unneccesary, unnoticed sadness. She guided me through understanding and saying goodbye to the unnoticed memories  – everything clicked into place and its quite literally like a new me was born, except it isn’t a ‘new me’, its the same me thats learnt how to improve myself, how to make myself better.

I’m still learning, and it was hard at first, but only because of my negative belief systems and thoughts. Its worth the journey one million percent. Looking back I’m so glad I went through a difficult time facing up to things, but then making them better resulting in my happiness, opposed to going through a continual difficult time that I would still be feeling now, three years later, if i had decided it was too difficult facing up to, and letting go of the things i needed to to find myself amidst the creations of my imagination.

I will carry these skills and tools with me for the rest of my life. And its all thank to Patricia.

Patricia’s help is priceless, Thank you. Thank you.